Shaving or Trimming: Which is better?

The big question that most men have when it comes to growing beards and moustaches, or just getting a regular clean shaved look is whether they should go all out shaving with razors or is trimming a better option.

Especially, if you are a school or college student and are very new to the whole domain of facial hair that comes as a free gift with puberty, then your head must be brimming with all sorts of questions! Fear not, because if you want answers, this is exactly the place to be.

In this article you will get to know everything that you need to about shaving and trimming your facial hair and how to take best care of it.

Shaving or Trimming

Shaving or Trimming: Which is Better?

Read on to find out which works better, shaving or trimming, and how you can be sure which is the one that you need to be doing.


Do you usually prefer to shave a clean shave look? One with soft, smooth and perfectly even skin? Then shaving is the deal for you. Although before you go running to the bathroom with your razor, let’s clear up a few things first. With shaving, come a few basic prerequisites, like hydrating and applying shaving cream or foam or gel, whichever one you prefer, to your beard.

It makes the hair soft and easy to cut and leaves your skin in good shape. The best time to shave is right after a shower or even during.

Once your skin is wet, you need to apply shaving cream and wait for a couple minutes, to let your beard soak it in. And once the hair follicles relax, you can go in with your razor and get a clean and easy shave.

Shaving can be a bit time consuming since it’s a must to let you skin relax first, so you don’t go striking at the hair with your razor blades, as it increases the risk of getting cut and can leave your skin pretty irritated. If you have sensitive skin, then my dear friend, trust me you don’t wanna go deal with those awful razor burns and rashes that might arise due to lack of lubrication.

So, even though shaving is the best option to get a clean cut, suave look for that client meeting at the office, you might wanna take out enough time from your schedule to make the process smooth and easy!


Are you running late for your classes at the university? Do you need a last-minute shave? Then trimming is your absolute best option. But before we talking about the process of how to correctly trim your beard, it is important that you choose a good trimmer from the innumerable options that are available. And once you have the right trimmer that suits you, you’re all set to get your beard trimmed just the way you want. Unlike shaving, trimming is not at all a time-consuming process.

But it is a tricky one. Each trimmer comes with an extension right on the head, with millimetre markings. Set the millimetre mark to the depth at which you want to trim your beard. It is usually better to start trimming at the highest depth that is available, and then work your way downwards, as the thickness your course hair decreases.

People often have one common question with trimming, which direction to trim in? Well, the answer is that, if your hair is growing in all directions then you got no other option but to trim in all directions as well. But in general, it is better to start trimming in the direction of hair growth. If you have dense hair growth then you might consider going back and forth wit the trimmer in small strokes until you get to the desired length.

Now, trimming is not just about the beard, it is about styling your entire look. So there are a couple other things you need to take care of as well when you trim. Make sure to draw out the neck line and cheek lines, that is the length up to which you want to trim the hair. Once that is done, you may go in with your trimmer and trim below the neck and cheek lines to give yourself a neat and clean-cut look.

What not to do with Razors?

Since we are on the topic of shaving, it is always best to discuss a few basic things about razors:

Do Not Use Dull Blades

And this cannot be stressed enough, but the easiest way to ruin your whole shaving experience is to use dull blades. If you are using disposable razors then keep in mind their average lifetime and try not to stretch it beyond that point. Using dull blades not only uses extra effort but also increases the chances of getting nicked.

Rinse Properly

One of the worst things you can do to your skin is shave with a dirty razor. Once you use the razor, make sure you clean it properly before storing it. The best way to clean a razor is by holding it under running water. Get rid of all the residual hair and dry the blade by pressing it against a soft cloth gently, before storing it in a cool ad dry place to avoid oxidation

When to Shave and When to Trim?

Now that we have covered all the basic things that you need to know about shaving or trimming, let us get into the actual question. To be honest it all depends on your desires and what exactly it is that you are wanting your facial hair to look like.

If you want a clean shave then obviously, shaving is the best option to go for. But if you don’t want a full shave, neither a thick bead, then what you are looking for is a trimmer. So based on your needs pick the one that suits you.

Big Questions on Shaving or Trimming

Below are the important questions which will surely come into your mind.

Time Consumption

Shaving is a time-consuming process, since you have to make sure that you hydrate your skin well and put in shaving cream or gel for at least a couple minutes before you go in with the razor.

So, if you’re low on time trimming is always a better option, since it can literally be done in moments!

Skin Problems

If you are someone with sensitive skin, such that it’s irritated easily then it is always better to avoid shaving, since that can lead to rashes and razor burns that can get very uncomfortable.

Instead, you can use a trimmer and set the millimeter markings according to your needs. This decreases the risk of skin problems.

Safety and Familiarity

If you are super new to shaving, then it is best to avoid razors for a while since it might need some serious getting used to. While trimmers on the other hand are much easier to use, and also reduce the risk of getting cut.

Busting the Myth

If someone told you that shaving with razor increases hair growth and also encourages the growth of courser hair then let me give it to you straight, they are wrong. Hair growth depends on factors like hormones, sleep etc. and not the product that you use to trim your facial hair.

So, busting the myth, you can shave with razors or opt for a trimmer, according to what suits your needs without being worried about the choice affecting your hair growth!

Now that we have answered all the common queries that men seem to have regarding shaving and trimming their beards and moustache, hope this article helped to clear up all your confusion and got you all set to get your beard shaped and styled just the way you have always dreamed of, off you go!

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