Shavette vs Safety Razor: Which One Is Better?

In the world of shaving, shavettes and safety razors are honestly poles apart. Although, it is possible to get a clean and smooth shave with both, there are plenty of things that set the two apart.

Shavette vs Safety Razor

Shavette vs Safety Razor: The Main Differences

Let’s take a look at the main differences between a shavette and a safety razor:


If you have never used a shavette before and for some wild reason, want to start now, then you’re at the right place. Shavettes are basically straight razors that come with a replaceable blade that can be folded into the handle. If you are new to shaving then it is better to gather some experience before moving on to using shavettes since they require a lot of precision and skill.

Shaving with a shavette is not exactly an easy job, although it is one of the most traditional tools that have been used by men for years. The safety standards on this equipment are quite low and it pretty much depends all on you whether cut yourself shaving or not, since precision and skill are the only safety that you have with this tool.

Shavettes are predominantly used by barbers since they are better than straight razors as they come with a replaceable blade and takes good care of hygiene standards.

Safety Razor

As the name suggests, safety razors are much safer to use as a shaving tool than shavettes. They come with a lot of attractive features and are possibly the best choice for beginners since offers pretty good protection while shaving. The safety blade remains sandwiched between the top head of the razor and the safety bar so that it makes as minimal contact with the skin as needed.

Safety razors also provide amazing grip which enables the user to have complete control over their shaving experience with the minimum risk of getting cut.

Safety razors are available in numerous brands and are also one of the cheapest shaving tools you will ever come upon. It takes good care of your skin as well as lets you enjoy a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

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Hope this article cleared up whatever confusions you had regarding the usability of shavettes and safety razors. While shavettes area  more primitive way of shaving compared to safety razors, both are capable of doing an equally good job in their own way. So choose the one that fits your needs, happy shaving!

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