How to Shave Balls with Electric Shaver

You won’t get much hair on your balls compared to the pubic hair that grows on top of your penis. You should shave or trim those hairs on your balls to detract or reduce sweating that can produce sweating in that area which can lead to various skin infections as smooth and trimmed balls keep the harmful bacteria away from your body.

Women also like those men with smoother and shaved balls. Trimming your balls is completely doable but surely it needs some amount of proper care and technique. The smoother your balls are, the lesser places are there for the harmful bacteria to hide in your body which reduces the chances of skin infections in your body. 

How to Shave your Balls with Electric Razor? 

1. Set the lowest trimming setting on your Electric Shaver

When you use the Electric Shaver with its lowest possible trimming settings, you should trim your hairs to a length of 0.125 inches or (3.2 mm) or less. But there are some more points to be remembered while trimming your pubic hair. 

  • Never shave your pubic hair or the hairs in the balls without trimming it first. If the thick and frizzy hair got stuck in the electric razor, it will be tugged out from your body painfully. 
  • If you only want to trim your pubic hair but not shave it, then you can use the electric shaver with higher guard settings or higher trimming settings if you prefer. 
  • You can also separate the trimming guard completely for a closer trimming experience, but this can increase the possibility of getting mild cuts, burns, skin irritation, and infections. 

2. Slide the hair trimmers gently through the hair around your balls

Stand straight and hold the electric shavers in your primary hand, and use your other hand to maneuver your balls as needed. Trim your hairs in the balls gently towards that area where the hairs grow rapidly which is generally downward above your penis area.

  • You can also use your hand to pull your skin taut as you work – this can make it easier to shave or trim the hair gently. 
  • You may also find it easier to work if you place one leg at a time on a chair, or on the side of the bathtub. Through this, you can easily remove the hairs without having any trouble. 

3. Work deliberately or carefully to shave the hairs on your scrotum

After trimming the pubic hair around your private areas, move the electric shavers gently to trim the hairs present on the scrotum area. Then, use your free hand to deliver clear access to one area of your scrotum at a time, and carefully shave the hair in those private areas of your body. 

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Some tips to Remember while Shaving your Balls 

Always use the Proper Shaving Tools

Always ensure to use a different shaver or trimmer for your face and for shaving your balls because of the hygiene purposes of your body. I would advise you to use a proper body shaver to trim or shave your hairs on the balls as it is safer than the general razor and it also comprises multiple attachments that also include a Shaver Head as well.

If you feel any skin irritation and rashes on your balls after you shave the hairs on the balls, you should evade or avoid shaving it too closely and can use a body trimmer to cut those hairs. 

Avoid the use of Hair Removal Cream or Hair Removal Spray

For some men, using a Hair Removal Cream might be an easier way to detach hairs from their pubic areas than trimming or shaving your balls. Although, the chemicals substances in those Hair Removal Creams can be quite harmful to your scrotal skin and cause skin irritation and skin rashes as the scrotal skin is quite sensitive.

You should not use those Hair Removal Creams anyplace near your scrotal skin as your pubic area is very much sensitive and you surely don’t want to take any risks by using these types of products. 

Trim the Hairs before you Shave them

Just like you trim your beard before you shave, which makes it easier for you to shave; you require an electric trimmer to trim those remaining hairs. Similarly, you have to trim those hairs on the balls first before you shave them. Trim the hair to a length of a few centimeters or even shorter so that you can shave it smoothly by using a body groomer or a razor.

All the latest body groomers contain a special feature where you can perform trimming and shaving both in a single machine; therefore, there is no requirement to purchase a different trimmer and shaver to complete the job. 

Taking a bath with warm water makes it easy to Shave the hairs

It is always best to take a bath with warm water which increases the blood flow to the balls which loosens the scrotal skin of the ball sack allowing you to shave the hairs on the balls smoothly.

Bathing with warm water also helps in shaving the hair without any extra effort. 

Always use a Good Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel

You can use Shaving Cream to shave the hairs on the balls which makes it easier to shave comfortably. Although, you need to be a little bit cautious when you’re shaving your scrotum while putting on the Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel, particularly when you’re utilizing a standard razor to shave the hairs as sometimes the Shaving Cream can make the Scrotal Skin a little bit slithery or slippery. 

There is no need to rush when you’re shaving the hairs

The scrotal skin of your body is very sensitive, so, you must be cautious while shaving your scrotum and you have to go awfully slow during this process. Always try not to harm yourself through mild burns or cuts on the balls while shaving the hairs on the balls. If there is a cut or slight burns in the scrotal skin, then it can cause some issues on having sex for some period. 

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