How to Stop Itching after Shaving Pubic Area

Shaving is one of the affordable, popular alternatives for removing your pubic hair. It provides your skin with a smooth feel and look but only for a short period of time. After shaving their pubic hair many people develop side effects such as uncomfortable itching like red bumps which is caused by inflammation near your hair pores, this is called folliculitis, and this can also come up after shaving your skin from a sensitive area.

Now, people might shave for personal reasons or aesthetics. Whatever might be the person’s reason for shaving their pubic hairs, shaving is an efficient and effective means of removing body hair. The pubic area has very sensitive skin and that is the reason why many people feel itchy after they shave their pubic hair and one should be very careful while shaving off their pubes.

So, you have shaved off your pubic hair and now it’s itching you down there but you have no idea how to stop that then my friend you have come to the right place, in this blog we are going to be talking about how to stop itching after you have shaved your pubic area.

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How to Stop Itching after Shaving Pubic Area

Why Pubic Area Itches After Shaving?

You are not removing all your hair when you use a razor to remove hair from your skin all you are doing is cutting down your hair close to where it grows. After shaving your hair follicles keep growing hair underneath your skin, and those hair follicles become the cause of irritation because of shaving. This is the reason why you feel itchy after shaving.

When you use a used or dull razor the pull from that razor can redirect or twist the hair follicle when you shave. This can cause ingrown hairs which are known as razor burn.

The pubic region is among the most vulnerable parts of the body to get razor burned or feeling itchy and the reason why it is the most vulnerable is that is a very sensitive area for most people and hairs in this region are particularly thicker.

Shaving a region of your skin that will be under your clothing, the fabric of that clothing may rub up against your shaven skin and can make irritation feel a lot worse.

There are various reasons as to why the skin of the pubic area is prone to irritation. One of the reasons being that the pubic area is prone to excessive chafing and moisture, which can lead to skin irritation. During warmer weather, this is more problematic.

Frequently shaving of pubic hairs can also be the reason behind skin irritation.

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Ways To Prevent Itchiness After Shaving

You all must have heard the saying “Prevention is better than cure” well that saying applies here as well. And prevention is one of the best ways to address repeated itchiness after shaving. We are going to be providing you with some steps that you should do while you shave.

  1. Don’t ever think of shaving your pubic hair when it’s dry. Before you start shaving your pubes rinse it with lukewarm water. Rinsing your pubes will provide it with some extra moisture, will open your pores, and will make the hair easier to shave.
  2. If your hairs are longer than half an inch then you should trim them before shaving them. You should consider using a mirror holding it between your legs so that you do not miss any difficult to see places.
  3. Always use a new or a fresh razor. Do not ever use a dull or a used razor.
  4. Before your shaving condition that area with an all-natural hair conditioner or a shaving cream. Don’t even think of using a bar soap or shower gel lather on the hair where you are going to shave. Bar soap and shower gel may dry your hair and will end making it more prone to irritation.
  5. Before shaving stretch your skin tight and always shave in the direction in which your hair grows. Don’t be hasty while shaving take your time and shave carefully and correctly. This will provide you with a long time between the shaves, not only this but will also decrease the potential for discomfort and itching after the shave.
  6. After you are done with shaving your area straight away use a cooling gel, such as witch hazel or pure aloe vera. If you can then buy special hypoallergenic lotion or oils to provide comfort to your skin after shaving.

How to Stop Itching after Shaving Pubic Area [ Fast Method ]

Method 1

  • In this method, first of all, rinse your pubic area skin with lukewarm water then with the help of a clean and soft towel or cloth pat it dry. Do not go rough with it just keep it gentle.
  • If you want a quick relief you can use any essential oil for example jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.
  • For keeping your skin hydrated you can use post-shaving creams and lotions but make sure that these creams and lotions that you are going to apply are all-natural.
  • When going for the next time use pre-shaving gel or lotion to keep yourself safe from any such skin issues.

Method 2

  • Always use skincare products that are best for your skin type.
  • After shaving quickly apply aloe vera gel, beard balm, grape oil, or oil to avoid any skin itching.

Method 3

Skin irritation can also be treated with the help of home remedies by using essential oils such as tea tree oil, margosa leaves, and lemon.

People with sensitive skin type or even with thick pubic hair would know or find that it is hard to prevent razor burn but if they try the above tips for shaving they may prevent the itchiness but if they are still experiencing itchiness then they should consider trying any other hair removal options.

If you do not like any other options then try trimming your pubic hair to keep it short instead of removing it entirely. This will completely prevent you from razor burn.

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Things To Do Relieve Itching After Shaving Your Pubic Area

Razor burns mainly go away on their own but you shouldn’t shave the area which is affected until it has fully healed.

If you experience itching or pain because of razor burn in the pubic area, it will be best for you to use a low-strength topical hydrocortisone cream this cream will help you in bringing relief to that area. Make sure you use hydrocortisone cream for a short period of time and if a person with a vagina is applying this cream, do not put it in the vagina.

It is an anti-inflammatory cream that helps in decreasing irritation or itching. You can purchase this cream online or even buy it from the store.

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Other Methods To Relieve Itching After Shaving Your Pubic Area

Wear Properly Cleaned and Dry Underwear

To keep your pubic area itching free and safe wearing clean and dry underwear is a critical step. If not clean and dry underwear then it can cause irritations and skin infections as moisture is also the leading cause of it. Not only this but also excessive sweating in the pubic area can also be the cause of skin rashes and to prevent this condition to happen avoid wearing unfit or too tight underwear. The fabric of the underwear also plays an important role so make sure you have the fabric which does not cause sweating and friction.

Do Not Use Chemical Based Products

Whatever your gender is everyone needs a special method and care which helps in keeping your pubic area clean and hygienic. This definitely does not mean that you start buying and using beauty care and skin care products. Avoid using products that have dyes, perfumes, and chemicals to reduce the risk of skin irritation and itching.

Do Not Rub, Touch or Scratch Your Pubic Area Excessively

Scratching or rubbing your pubic area with nails, will only increase the risk of rashes redness, pain, cuts, and not only that but also bleeding. The spreading of infection becomes very high in the pubic area as the skin in that area is very sensitive. So, be very careful when it comes to itching in your pubic area.

Keep Pubic Area Clean and Dry To Avoid Skin Allergies After Shaving

fungal or bacterial infections can cause skin redness, itching, and rashes if your skin is wet and moist. So, make sure your skin is dry and clean and take really good care of your pubic area after shaving it. If you are someone that has a condition of excessive sweating then use medically treated powder also. Never wear sweaty or wet clothes as they will only cause more problems.

Using Right Shaving Technique Is a Critical Step To Avoid Skin Irritation

There is numerous way of removing hair from your pubic area such as laser treatment, waxing, shaving, etc. out of all this shaving is the most affordable and popular way of removing your pubic hair. And if you are someone who likes to keep their private area private then shaving is the best method for you. But knowing the right technique for shaving your pubic area is also very crucial.\

A smooth electrical shaver is beneficial for shaving your pubes and they can be reliable too. Before you start shaving your pubes it will be best for you to know your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin type then get yourself a skin-friendly shaver.

Letting Go Of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be the reason behind razor bumps. Ingrown hairs are those hairs that are growing out but curl back into the skin and penetrate it, causing pimples- like bumps, itching, inflammation, and infection. Exfoliation can help in preventing these ingrown hairs as exfoliating removes dead skin. This is the reason why one should exfoliate before shaving. Another benefit of exfoliating is that they also help in letting go of ingrown hairs from embedded.

Do not even think of using tweezers or needles for digging out the ingrown hair as this can lead to bacterial infections and scarring.

Conclusion of How to Stop Itching after Shaving Pubic Area

Finally our post completed here. Hope you have understood.

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