How To Cut Your Own Hair Using Clippers

Cutting your own hair is not an easy task now we know this was not what you were looking for but it is the truth. Cutting hair requires way more technique and skills than you think it does. It might look easy on videos but trust me it is not.

If you want to cut your own hair with the help of clippers but not sure how to do that then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to be telling you how to cut your own hair using a clipper at home without messing it up and regretting it later.

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A pro tip never uses kitchen scissors to cut your own hair as there is a high chance of you ending up with split ends. Make sure to use sharp precise blades as they will make it so much easier to get a clean edge.

Before you go on and cut your own hair it is our duty to warn you that a lot can go wrong and you might end up in need of professional help.

Do You Even Need A Cut?

Do You Even Need A Cut?

If you just want to restyle then there are lots of other methods to restyle it than doing something that you might regret later. Don’t be so haste in making this decision take your time. Consider making some temporary changes to your hair before going permanent. See if the temporary change suits you or not and then take a further decision.

Tips To Remember Before Cutting Your Own Hair

Tips To Remember Before Cutting Your Own Hair
  • If you can then consider taking some else help as cutting your hair in the mirror can be tricky and if the solo is your thing then use multiple mirrors and do not forget to take breaks to see how it is working out for you.
  • For people with long, straight, thick, and healthy hair DIY haircut can be hard. Be extra cautious if your hair is curly, textured, or short
  • Take small steps do not go on cutting off a big length of hair at one time. You can always cut more but once the hair is gone you cannot add back.
  • It will be best for you to avoid horizontal lines. Hold your clippers straight up and down the length of your hair. This tip is especially important if you are thinking of getting bangs.

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Important Rules Of Cutting Your Hair At Home

If this is your first time cutting your own hairs with clippers then instead of restyling it entirely just trim your hair.

  • To be calm should be your topmost priority before cutting your own hair and you should not cut more than an inch in 1 step and always remember to straighten your hair before cutting them. For straightening your hair you can flat iron it.
  • For cutting your hair at home you will require various hairstyling tools:
  • A double-edged comb (the one with two sides, with fine teeth and wide teeth)
  • Definitely, a mirror which will help you in cutting the back of your own hair.
  • A pair of professional shears or fine- teeth clippers. Do not go with kitchen scissors.
  • Safety pins or hair clips will make the cutting experience easy.
  • A flat iron now this tool is optional but we would encourage you to have it as it will give you a smooth finish before you start to cut.
  • Condition and wash your hair and let it dry if you are someone who prefers dry hair for a haircut and if not then go with the wet hair but do not forget that the hair shrinks after it is dried.
  • Before cutting draw a towel or a cape around your shoulder so that the hair does not stick to you or your clothes.

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Wet Or Dry Cut

Cutting your hair wet or dry is definitely your decision as it is all about personal preference. But, if you are thinking of going for a blunt or sleek look our advice to you would be to go with the wet or damp hair to get the cleanest edge you could get. And if you are going for the curls, layers, or waves then dry hair will be good for you. Just keep in mind that when your hair dries your hair will look two inches shorter.

Before you start cutting your own hair with clippers you should learn the number system for the blade guards. The number refers to the blade guards in the clippers, which help in determining the length of your hair. Normally, the lower the number the shorter the cut.

If you want a gentle fade then you can use multiple guards. Most of the clippers come with 8 guards. Each clipper size refers to the amount of hair that will be left when used. Number 1 cut is for a very short cut that will match to a 1/8 inch length.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Using Clippers?

How To Cut Your Own Hair Using Clippers

Textured Shag

Cover your face with your hair by bringing all the hair from the crown of your head towards your face. Now, clip this portion of the hair with the help of the hairstyling clips.

For the textured shag, you would need a number 5, 6, or 7 blade guards in the clippers. The number of the blade guard depends upon how long, you want the style.

Start from the backside of your neck and work your way towards the clipped section of your hair. Clip all of your hair until it is equal on all sides. And if there is any stray hair then cut it.

Now, take off the hair clip and use the number 7 or 8 blade guard on the clippers, and then start clipping from the crown of your head forward. If you find stray hairs then cut them. Texture the entire hair. After this wash the hair to remove clipped hairs.

Partial Buzz

For the partial buzz, a haircut uses the clippers to clip the top half of the hair. With the help of the severe part split the hair into two equal parts, or for a greater dramatic effect make a slightly larger section on the bottom

Now, either put a number. 1 blade guard on the clippers or use no blade guard at all if you want an even more dramatic effect. Clip away the lower half of your hair and with the help of the scissors cut off any stray hair that is left behind.

After this bring the top half of the hair down and chop it about 5 to 6 inches. Randomly texture the ends by making vertical cuts at the lower part of the hair to stop the cut from looking too blunt.

Wash your hair after you are done cutting your hair with the help of the clippers to remove any loose hairs.

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For Longer Or Shoulder Length Wavy Or Straight Hair

Before getting on with this cut make sure you do not have any bangs and if you do then cut the bangs off first.

Now that you are rid of bangs then clip full-length strands of hair and by combing bring the layers forward. Now, work in small sections, holding the hairs in pointer and middle fingers then use the clipper to cut it off. With the help of this, you will give yourself a soft and feathery edge.

Conclusion of How To Cut Your Own Hair Using Clippers

So it was the post about How to cut your own hair using Clippers. By following the above steps you will be able to cut your hair easily with the help of a clipper. If you have any problems or queries regarding this article then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you as soon as possible. 

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