Electric Shaver vs Razor: Pros, Cons & Side Effects

The one question that remains unanswered to this day in the world of shaving, is none other than ‘What’s best, electric shaver or razor?’, and at some point in their lives, every man must have asked this question at least once. Well it is high time to clear up the confusion, isn’t it? The answer is simply undeterminable. It really varies from person to person. It is kind of like how every person likes a different flavour of ice cream. For some electric shavers work like a dream, and for some others a cartridge razor of safety razor is the only way to a perfect shave.

So no, there is no right way of doing this. Someone’s way of getting a smooth shave might end up making a mess in your case, so choose whichever option suits you best.

There are pros and cons in both of the predominant methods of shaving, and it is impossible to evaluate them on a one to one basis. So, the only way to find out is by trying. Although here in this article we will guide you through a list of features of both razors and electric shavers, so that you can get a fairly good idea and find it easier to make the choice.

Electric Shaver vs Razor

Below are the detailed comparison between Electric shaver and Razor.

Electric Razor

If you are a man of traditions, then probably you will choose razors over electric shavers. Razors are easily available, literally at any department store. There are two main varieties of razors, one is the disposable razor and the second type is the safety razor. The disposable razors are cheaper and come in 3-blades and 5-blades varieties in general whereas the safety razors are smaller in size and made up of steel, also they come with double edged razor blades.

Comparatively safety razors are easier to shave with, as they offer better grip and also  are less prone to cause skin irritation. Disposable razors can also be responsible for ingrown hairs, which can end up being pretty painful.

Although if you are using a single blade disposable razor then you might not even notice the difference between that and a safety razor, it is really that subtle of a difference.

  • Razors, both types, come way cheaper than any electric shaver.
  • They offer a much closer and cleaner shave.
  • Gives you better control over the blade, so can manage to shave the difficult corners with relative ease and minimum risk of getting cut.
  • Do not require batteries or chargers, and are easier to maintain.
  • With razors it is always necessary to apply soap or lather or some similar lubricant to your skin before shave if you want to avoid bad razor burns and skin irritations.
  • Although razors are relatively cheaper than electric shavers, and decrease your expense in one way, the cost of extra requirements like soap or shaving cream adds to the expenses as well.
  • Shaving with a razor requires much more patience and time as it is practically the slowest method of shaving.
  • Carelessness can lead to easily getting nicked or cut as it is a completely unguarded blade.

Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are sort of considered as the elite class of the shaving world hierarchy. These fancy devices have taken over a major portion of customers in the domain of shaving equipments. They are not only fancy but are also pretty impeccable in at what they do. Need a quick shave before a meeting you’re running late for, but also want to look suave? Electric shaver’s your answer.

These things come in two different varieties— foil and oscillating. The foil shavers are named as such as they use a blade covering foil in order to allow the user to experience a closer shave with nice flexibility. On the other hand the oscillating shavers use a series of rotating blades to provide you with a more even shave through out.

It may seem like these fancy new equipment’s haven’t been around a long time but the truth is that, they date back to the 1920s and have some amazing credits to on the records to show for their performance and efficiency.

  • Even if you are a novice or the clumsiest shaver on the planet, it is literally impossible to cut yourself with an electric shaver. It is high on safety standards and minimizes the risks of getting nicked.
  • Electric shavers are low-maintenance and do not require a lot of care.
  • They can practically last you a lifetime of proper usage.
  • It is basically the quickest means of shaving and requires way less time than razors, also does not require wetting the face or application of soap or lather.
  • Although they are capable of consuming less time, electric shavers do not ensure a shave as close as that of a razor.
  • They are not the best option for people with sensitive skin, as there are multiple rotating blades operating simultaneously, it might not be so gentle on your skin and cause you to end up with a bad case of razor burn.
  • They require constant charging and batteries and are pretty expensive compared to razors.

Conclusion of Electric Shaver vs Razor

So if you have read up to this, you can probably understand that there’s no scope of announcing any one of the above two methods of shaving, as the winner. They both have their individual pros and cons, and both are pretty amazing options. Now the choice still depends on personal preference. Again, there is no best way of shaving.

If you want a close shave and don’t really care about the time it takes, then razor might be the option for you. If you are looking for a quick shave, and do not mind being a little less thorough, then electric shaver is what you are looking for.

Make a list of your requirements, see which choice ticks the most boxes and voila! You have the perfect shaving tool and suits your needs the best!

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