Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

So, you’ve been thinking about starting to shave with a straight razor for a while now but just couldn’t muster up the confidence you need, to go for it? Do you think it’s best to do some research on straight razors before you begin using one? Well you are at the right place then. In the age of disposable and electric shavers, using a straight razor is a way to stand out for sure.

However before go get your hands on one of them, there are a few things that you should be aware of, in order to make your shaving experience smooth and comfy.

Straight razors are one of the most primitive shaving equipment’s, and some people might even call you “ancient” for using one, but truth is, it does require some strong set of shaving skills to ace your morning shave using a straight razor.

Mind you, they are not nearly as easy as over the counter disposable blades or the modern electric shavers, to shave with and involve a high risk quotient if you are inexperienced and not being careful. Although if you are familiar with the right way of using straight razors and are confident with your shaving skills then it will turn out to be the best shave you ever had!

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Keep on reading to find out all the amazing benefits that accompany straight razors, before you start using one!

1. Exceptionally Close Shave

If you are looking for a nice close shave then straight razors are bound to be your go to product. They are practically the best when it comes to a neat and close shave. You might find advertisements saying how multiple blades are always at the top of the list for clean shaves, but that is not exactly true, always.

All multiple blades do is, they reduce the time it takes for you to shave by a considerable amount, because of their ability to cover more area at once stroke but that doesn’t mean they shave as close to the skin as straight razors.

2. Reduces Irritation

If you have sensitive skin then straight razors might be your best bet. They haelp to take much better care of your skin compared to safety razors. This is primarily because straight razors apply fewer strokes over the skin than normal ones.

This might sound contradicting as per our earlier statement on straight razors being more time consuming than safety razors, so technically they should be applying more strokes on your skin, but to think logically, you will see that razors with multiple blades actually cause more damage to the skin as more than one blade glides over the skin for each stroke.

So even if we consider a razor with three blades, then for each stroke, the skin comes in contact with all three razors.

While for straight razors only one blade comes in contact with the skin for one stroke. Hence due to lesser strokes, straight razors minimize the damage to your skin, and prevent irritation and rashes after shaving.

3. Environment Friendly

All of us are aware of the glaring environmental issues that we are facing every single day. And as years pass by, they only get worse since even though we are aware of the dangers, we are not concerned about it since they seem far away.

Well it is high time that we stop being selfish and contribute our part towards saving our ecosystem.

One of the biggest causes of environmental pollution is the huge amount of non-biodegradable trash that we throw away every single day, that eventually end up getting piled or in the oceans. Using disposable shaving equipments only add to the growing trash pile on the environment.

The safety razors, cartridges, even the empty shaving cream containers add to the garbage. But by using straight razors you can help in reducing your part of the trash, as wet shaving requires quality soap and shaving brush, none of which are regularly in need of disposal.

So use more straight razors, if you feel responsible for the mess we have put the environment into, even a small contribution can go a long way.

4. Long Time Investment

One of the most prominent reasons as to why men are hesitant about purchasing straight razors is because of the cost. Yes, straight razors are much more expensive than you go to over the counter disposable safety razors. And to have the whole package experience with straight razors, you might even need to purchase the entire kit.

But well here’s the catch, think of the high cost as a long term investment. Straight razors are high quality, sturdily built razors that can last you several years with proper maintenance.

It even has the capability to last a lifetime. While disposable razors are considerably cheaper, the cost is recurrent as they are not at all fit for long term use, but for straight razors, you spend the money once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!

Best Brands of Straight Razors

  • Dovo
  • French Straight Razor Brands
  • Thiers-Issard
  • The Shavette/Feather
  • German Straight Razors Brands


So now that we have reached the end of the article, it must be obvious that straight razors are an amazing shaving tool that come with lots of great perks. Although before you purchase you brand new straight razors, you must be willing to be a patient learner because as mentioned earlier, straight razors are not exactly the easiest of tools to shave with.

They are one of the oldest equipment’s in the shaving world, that was used by our fathers and grandfathers alike before the disposable safety razors and electric shavers came out. Even though it might take some time for newer users to get the hang of using straight razors, once they do, there would be no looking back.

Straight razors are still used by shaving connoisseurs all over the world and prove to be one of the best shaving equipment’s you could get your hands on. So go buy your very own straight razor and start experiencing a whole new level of comfort in your shaving time!

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