Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Pubic hair is the body hair that you will find in the genital areas of adolescents and adults. These hairs are located around the sex organs and sometimes around the insides of the thighs. This hair starts showing during puberty, this year is generally heavier, longer. These hair are the effect of increasing levels of oestrogens in females.

What Is Pubic Hair?

Pubic hair is a special type of hair that evolves or grows in the sexual organs of the body also known as the Genital area, in the Pelvic Girdle or Crotch, and occasionally on the uppermost end of the legs. However, since from your adolescence or childhood, there are some hairs in this body section. 

The increase of sex hormones At the age of puberty, which results in growing body fat around the chest and growth of pubic hair which is thicker, rougher, and generally curlier. In general, people think of pubic hair as disgusting and they need to be removed with any means like shaving trimming, or waxing.

In some parts of the world removal of the body, hair is considered proper hygiene. Pubic hair is seen by some as erotic. While some people remove their pubic hair for enjoying sex with their partner properly.

There are a lot of different methods which are used to remove or trim pubic hair. A study was done and it was found in that study that 84% of women in the US shave their pubic hair once in a while.

In most women, pubic hair generally gets noticed on the edge of labia major or Labium Pudenda. After around two years it increases to the pubis. After a few times, the pubic area gets densely covered. It starts growing towards the navel. Pubic hair texture is different in females. A lot of experts say that this is due to the pheromones which are present in our sweat that’s responsible for the change in pubic hair which is quite evident. Also, it increases the attraction towards the opposite sex.

Roughly when the first rule happens, the pubic hair of the body gets closely packed or covered, and then they can move towards the thigh part near the pubic region of the body, covering the private parts or groins. 

Generally in men, the hair evolves or grows first at the apex of the sole or base of the penis. It extends throughout the entire penis area in around three or four years of puberty. And when it completes 5 years, extends on the upper thigh and navel part of the body. 

Although a lot of women shave their pubic hair, it’s trendy these days but that doesn’t matter as it’s their personal choice if they don’t want to do it, they don’t have to do it.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Trimming or shaving pubic hairs of your body have their merits and demerits. Multiple microorganisms can break out when you have crotch hairs or pubic hairs in your body. When you trim or shave your hair, it may also give rise to some type of skin itching or irritation. Therefore, you have to trim or shave it correctly to evade or avoid undesirable issues or problems.

  1. Gives you a chance to cultural acceptance in America. because they don’t like pubic hair growing down there.
  2. shaving your pubic hair will save you from pubic lice which generally attaches themselves to one or more hair.
  3. Shaving your pubic area makes it smoother and makes it look more appealing.
  4. By shaving the pubic area you can make it cleaner and more inviting
  5. Cleaning your pubic hair will make your pubic area odourless and it looks a lot more appealing
  6. Shaving your pubic hair will increase pleasure call mom comfort and sensation.
  7. It gives A plus point that you can dress up properly with clothes fitting properly like leggings and swimsuits.
  8. With this you won’t have to worry about the hair, it will give you immense peace.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Trimming or Shaving Female Pubic Hair


  • It also detracts or reduces the possibility of a pubic lice attack. 
  • This body area remains arid or dry and sweat-free because of trimming your pubic hairs. 
  • It doesn’t produce any type of irrelevant bad odor from your body.
  • It also provides them the benefit of wearing special fitting clothes which comprise swimwear and leggings.


  • There will be no safeguarding or protection of your body from undesired bacteria and microorganisms after shaving. 
  • The tiny pubic hairs can produce some sort of skin irritation or skin itching. 
  • It can be unpleasant or painful and harmful sometimes for you if it isn’t trimmed or shaved properly. 

Best Time for Shaving Pubic Area According to a Gynaecologist

A lot of women prefer removing their pubic hair, some may choose shaving or trimming. Also, there is a proper time for shaving down there, the expert states that for better results you should use shaving cream on your skin down there, it will make it easier for you to shave smoothly without any Nicks or cuts. Moisturizing the pubic area before shaving is the best thing to do because it will make shaving easier.

And you should always use the single blade for shaving, with a double blade it would be a little difficult for you to shave without cutting your skin down there.

There are a lot of ways with which someone can shave their pubic hair:

1. Cream hair remover’s

This is one of the best methods of hair removal without pain. But you need to be sure of depilatories You are going to use on your vulva or bikini line. Firstly Read the directions available on the product and follow them properly in a particular given order. Some people notice redness rashes or swelling and that means they’re allergic to hair removal cream.

2. Waxing method

If you want to remove the hair, You need to apply a thin layer of warm liquid wax over the hair. The next step is placing thin clothe over the wax before it hardens. It just takes a few seconds for the wax to get hard. Once it will become hard then you need to pull off the clothes you placed over the wax.

It’s a different method than usual methods because in this the here are removed from the roots and they don’t grow that quickly. If you want to remove your pubic hair by waxing you should prefer going to a salon or spa because it’s their regular work so they will do it efficiently and without any mistakes. Also if you are doing it yourself maybe the wax will become too hot that it will burn your skin.

3. Laser Method

This is one of the best and most effective methods of hair removal. In this procedure, a strong beam of light is used that goes inside the skin and destroys the hair follicle. This process may vary from person to person as it works differently on every person. While carrying out this process you need to wear protective eyewear To protect your eyes.

This process works differently as to how much here is removed in a single time while some people may notice redness and swelling after getting treated which is temporary and it will go in sometime. In some people, it takes 5 or more sessions to complete the treatment.

Ensure before getting treated that you are at the right place and it is certified and genuine also make sure that the place is clean and hygienic. Before going through this process you should consult a genuine dermatology center and then you can go through the process.

4. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the best method for here removal as this method removes here permanently. In this procedure electrode which is of a needle, the shape is used to destroy the hair root which stops the hair from growing permanently.

These procedures are done once a week or twice a week to destroy all hair roots If you want to opt for this procedure, you can consult for free with the concerned person. This treatment usually takes 15 to 60 minutes and the cost of this treatment may vary from place to place and other things.

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Major Benefits Of Shaving The Pubic Area

Some specialists related to this aspect say that it can bring some hazards or risks for the women and leaving hair intact can supply some unpredicted benefits. Some Gynecologist also points out that pubic hair defends or protects the skin, and also helps you to protect yourself from the hazard of various infections that can also affect your body. 

Given below are some of the major benefits of shaving the pubic area :

1. Sustains the temperature of the reproductive organs or genitals

Pubic hairs or crotch hairs help in control the temperature around the reproductive organs which are also known as genitals. Thereupon, it also acts just the same as the hair grows in the other body parts of our body and also performs similar functions to regulate the heat.

2. Intercepts or prevent the Skin Rubbing and behave as a Shield or Buffer 

Pubic hair defends the lower side skin surface of your body, particularly during sexual intercourse. Scrapping or Rubbing the skin can make your skin painful and intolerable, which also detracts or reduces your satisfaction. It can also act as an impact absorber of your body during specified physical activities or exercises like cycling. 

3. It may also diminish or reduce the hazard of getting an infection

As mentioned by some skin experts, pubic hair or crotch hair can defend your body from certain types of viral infections. According to this deep research and study from well-known skin experts which was issued in the year 2016, people with trimmed or shaved pubic hairs were 75% more probably to initiate contact with sexually transmitted infections or diseases.

4. Removes Odor

You should always shave your private area with the skin-friendly shaver, it will help you easily remove the hair and eliminate the odor from the pubic region. If you want to shave it there will be an odor in your private area.

5. Better Health care

Shaving your pubic area will help you in keeping your body healthy as it will protect your body from getting unwanted skin diseases and infections which can be caused you to the untidiness of pubic hair.

6. Better Sex life

Having a shaved vagina makes it better and gives more pleasure while having sex. Also, it interacts better with a partner and makes your experiences more delightful.

7. Looks better

Removing your public hair will give you a better look, maybe it will boost your confidence and give you more pleasure in your personality.

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Safety Measures When Shaving Pubic Hair

  1. Firstly you need a hand mirror with which you can see properly the area you are going to shave.
  2. One of the most important things while shaving is trimming your hair before starting to shave And try to find a decent pair of scissors to cut your hair.
  3. Cut the hair as small as possible before you begin the trimming or shaving of the pubic hair and don’t use scissors to cut the pubic hair as they are blunt or dull.
  4. To moisten your Pubic hair you can sit in the bathing tub for a few minutes before shaving. It will moist the area and make shaving smoother.
  5. Always apply shaving cream or some gel or other aloe Vera type cream specially made for women. Apply it to an overall area that you wish to shave.
  6. Always use the built-in moisturizing razor for shaving which will prevent your skin from any rashes or skin diseases.
  7. For shaving efficiently you need to hold the skin with one hand and shave with the other. This will help you shave properly.
  8. Always remember that you have to shave in the same direction from which the hair grows, do it slowly and steadily for better strokes.
  9. Wet your skin with warm water after completing the shaving and then dry your skin with a soft towel.
  10. After doing all things, apply lotion made for women on the shaved area it will make the pubic area smoother.

If you’re facing any problems after shaving your pubic area, you should stop shaving for some time, and you can take a bath with warm water and then clean your private area with a towel.

Should Electric Trimmer or Razor be utilized for crotch hairs or pubic hair removal?

Electric trimmer or razor has no adverse effect on pubic hair. It is completely safe to utilize except if your skin is not delicate or sensitive. Crotch hair or pubic hair removal is a cosmetic trend and an individual choice of a person and has completely nothing to do with your fitness. Even though there are no health-regarding advantages of removing pubic hairs, there may be some risks or hazards in eradicating them from your body.

Pubic hair removal is a situation of individual preference. It completely depends on that individual state of mind. Some girls or women went to the hair-dresser to shave or trim their crotch hair or the hair surrounded in the waist body area. It is not essential to trim or shave this body part to have a clean body.

Trimming or shaving your pubic hair or crouch hair doesn’t generate any health-related advantage to your body except providing you a clean body without any unwanted hair growth.

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Adverse Effects of Pubic Hair Removal from your Body 

Either it is trimming, waxing, shaving, or laser removal of hair from your body; all of these can cause slight burns marks and skin eruptions also generally referred to as skin rashes.

The most widespread harm or injury caused by shaving your pubic hair is the shedding or tearing of soft tissue present in the body. About 25% of all people who eliminate or remove pubic hair either get small or major injuries unintentionally.

If you have skin eruptions or skin rashes, small red bumps, or a sense of itching in the pubic area or (vulva), there are certain treatments or remedies that you can try at home once. Symptoms of these side effects caused by pubic hair removal generally vanish or disappear in the next couple of days. If they do not disappear within a week, consult your doctor immediately. 

You can remove the irritation and discomfort caused by the removal of pubic hair in the following manner – 

  • Go to the bathtub in your bathroom or just take a shower and let the water moisten your crotch or pubic area.
  • Dry the pubic area smoothly with a soft towel, wipe it slightly without scraping or rubbing the pubic area or you can also dry it with the help of a hot air Blow-Dryer or Hair-Dryer. 
  • Apply some body lotion on that pubic area that doesn’t produce any fragrance or smell. 
  • After all of this, stop the process of trimming or shaving your pubic hair for a moment. 


Here we have included the benefits of shaving the pubic area female to the best of our knowledge. If you found this article helpful kindly comment down your opinion.

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